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No Asbestos Survey Should Mean “No Works to Start”!!

As a result of failing to provide a current Asbestos Survey to a contractor a London based construction management company has been fined £20,000 plus costs by Westminster Magistrates Court.

Within the same project a Chelmsford based construction company director has been fined £15,000 plus costs for starting work without considering the possibility of asbestos being present and then when operatives disturbed Asbestos, allowed them to carry on working!

As the HSE pointed out in the findings the incident took place in May 2013 but it will be many years before it is known if the workers exposure to asbestos will result in any related diseases or indeed fatalities.

It is vital that if you are intending to carry out work on a building that might contain Asbestos, that you confirm whether and where Asbestos is known or presumed to be present.

Contact us for further information if you think you may need an asbestos survey carrying out.

Stockport Heating Engineers in Hot Water for Asbestos Exposure

A North West heating and engineering firm  have incurred penalties of over £15,000 after pleaded guilty to breaching the Control of Asbestos Regulations. two of the company’s employees were exposed to asbestos when they discovered asbestos insulation on a boiler casing they were removing as part of a boiler replacement project.

A key finding was the that the company’s risk assessment was insufficient and that the work should have been carried out by a licensed removal contractor.

The role of an Asbestos Survey Report is to highlight this point and in doing so make clear which aspect of a building or it’s infrastructure need to be dealt with by licensed operators.

If you have not got an up to date Asbestos Register – get one today by contacting CSS Asbestos Services. You can find our details on our contact page or by clicking for your Free Survey Quote from any of our web pages.

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